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Safety services we provide:

  • Safety Program Development & Maintenance
  • Safety Consultation
  • WCB Account Assistance
  • On Site Safety Supervision
  • Paperless Document Completion and Tracking
  • Training Certificate Tracking
  • Occupational Health Services (Quantitative Mask Fit Testing, Audiometric Testing, Drug Testing, Spirometry, RN Physicals)
  • PICS
  • ISNet World
  • Comply Works
  • Mock Scenarios
  • Fall Protection Equipment Inspection

John Maxwell Team




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John Maxwell Certified Team Member

Professional Development including:

  • Motivational Speaking
  • Lunch and Learns
  • Leadership Facilitation
  • Team Builders
  • Coaching
  • Mastermind Groups
  • Workshops


Looking for a place to host an upcoming event?

Meeting Space, Workshops, Conferences, Facilitation Rooms, Clubs, Workout Space, Special Events

All rooms are equipped with Audio Visual Equipment, WiFi and DSL plug ins

Facilitation Room Dimensions

  • Cypress: 40x30
  • Industry: 40x25
  • Empowerment: 40x16
  • Beehive: 55x44

*Patio Space available for usage during your event

*Pizza and Pretzel Oven Available


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